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Specialist Affiliate
Marketing Agency

We help e-commerce brands launch, scale and grow their affiliate programs

10+ years in affiliates

Expert industry tools

Experts in affiliate growth

Ready to grow your affiliate channel?

SJB Digital is a London-based affiliate marketing agency. With more than 10 years of experience in launching and scaling affiliate programs for e-commerce brands. This knowledgeable team can help develop your channel strategy and execute exceptional campaigns that deliver results. 

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A 5-step plan for reviewing your current affiliate program while formulating strategies to future-proof it for success.


Program Audit


Competitor Analysis


Affiliate Strategy


Partner Activation


Partner Optimisation

Analysing exactly how your current affiliate program is performing and discovering the quick wins to make an immediate impact.

Who are your current competitors and how are they running their affiliate program. We will identify their key affiliates and the strategies used to engage with them.

Develop a strategy for the channel that meets internal KPIs while incentivising a mix of affiliate partners.

Create tactics to engage with the partners in your program. Understand their individual requirements and how you can help them grow.

How we build our relationships with our affiliates is how we can ensure they remain engaged and optimised with your program.

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