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Affiliate Management 

Affiliate and partner marketing is more than cashback and discount sites. The channel is growing YoY and has become a crucial avenue for companies to grow their brand awareness and deliver sales.  

Our Service

SJB Digital has a strong understanding of affiliate marketing and has built a vast network of high-quality affiliates. Our team is skilled at identifying the best affiliates for your products or services and takes the time to build and maintain strong relationships with them. This ensures that your products are being promoted by reputable and reliable affiliates with a genuine interest in promoting the products.

Our affiliate management service is highly personalised. We understand that each client has unique needs and goals, and we work closely with them to develop customised affiliate marketing strategies that align with their specific objectives.


Clients benefit from regular reports and insights on the performance of their affiliate campaigns, which allows us to work together to make data-driven decisions and optimise the campaigns to hit brand KPI's.

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Launching an affiliate program can be a smart move for a brand looking to increase sales and grow its customer base. By partnering with a network of affiliates, brands can leverage their promotional power and reach a wider audience that may be difficult to reach through traditional marketing channels. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, meaning brands only pay for results, reducing the risk of investing in advertising that may not generate a return on investment. Additionally, affiliates can become brand advocates, promoting a brand's products or services to their followers, creating a ripple effect that can increase brand awareness and drive sales. Furthermore, affiliate marketing provides brands with valuable data insights that can inform future marketing strategies, while being a cost-effective and scalable marketing solution. Overall, launching an affiliate program can help brands increase brand visibility, drive sales growth, and improve their marketing efforts.


An affiliate marketing manager is responsible for growing and managing an affiliate program. To do so, they typically begin by recruiting new affiliates with an audience that aligns with the brand's target market. They then work to build relationships with these affiliates and provide them with the tools and resources they need to promote the brand's products or services effectively. This can include creating promotional materials, offering exclusive discounts or promotions, and providing regular communication and support. Additionally, the affiliate marketing manager will analyse data and metrics to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to optimise the performance of the program. This may involve adjusting commission rates, identifying top-performing affiliates, and implementing new campaigns or promotions. Ultimately, the affiliate marketing manager's goal is to build a strong network of affiliates and drive sales growth for the brand.


Dependent on the client's requirements, we can deliver reporting weekly, monthly or quarterly. All reporting is housed in a custom dashboard that our clients have access to at any time and that is tailored to their individual KPIs.  

An affiliate program should always be evolving and we present the good and bad of every campaign we run to be as transparent as possible. We believe this is the only way to develop a deep-level partnership with our clients and build a successful affiliate program together. 

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